Components of the UniPro™ Valve Closure System

UniPro™ technology is designed to stand alone as a complete emergency shutdown system, or to integrate and interface with existing unloading components that may already be in place at the site. The basic system incorporates several components. Each component has been engineered, designed, and pre-assembled by Powell to ensure proper system performance and reduced installation time, labor and material cost. UniPro™ systems can accommodate ball-type or plug-type valve handles found on any one of several pressurized containers of hazardous gases. Other system components include a wide-range of valve adapters, a hose reel, air control system, air receiver assembly, railcar motion detection system, and a basic control panel to activate the system.

Powell can also supply custom control panels to control new or automatically existing chlorine and pad gas valves and chlorine detectors. An emergency stop (E-Stop) panel can also be installed where ever convenient for an operator to remotely shut the railcar valves from a safe distance.

UniPro™ System Components